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Types of projects, other information:

New Media Projects (Writer, Designer, Consultant)

Video games and educational games:

Video Game: Cinematics Consultant for a soon-to-be-released third-person action shooter, a game designed for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Carmen Sandiego games: Scriptwriter on this perennial hit CD-ROM series... created four new characters, wrote dialogue and developed hundreds of clues. (Broderbund Software)

JumpStart Artist: scriptwriter for this CD-ROM game which teaches children about art fundamentals and art history -- part of the renowned, best-selling JumpStart series of edutainment products for children. (Knowledge Adventure)

Book Of Virtues: various special writing assignments for this CD-ROM game and interactive story, based on William J. Bennett's best-selling book and the PBS TV series of the same name. (Digital Domain)


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The Web:

Medical Cyberworld, a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) initiated by the University of Wisconsin Medical School. A so-called serious game, its goal is to teach essential skills in patient-doctor communications (in development).

The Revenge Of The Claw: scriptwriter for this Flash-animated Webisodic, a twisted tale of Hollywood magic gone seriously awry. Produced by Silicon Artists (Madrid, Spain) for an early version of the Planet Hollywood Web site.

Global Window: Japan: head writer and content editor for this major informational website about Japan. Site won a Gold Medal at the New York Film Festival and other prestigious awards. Produced by UCLA, Internal & External Communications (IEC) and several universities in Japan.

Consulting: content and strategic consultant for Web and cross-media projects for various media companies and entities, including the Danish cross-media project, E-DAZE (a project which integrates a fictional universe across the Web, a novel, a DVD, a feature film and a TV series), special projects for UCLA (the University of California at Los Angeles) and Sushi Bandit. For more about my work as a consultant, please see my page on Writing, Speaking, Teaching and Consulting.

Corporate Sites: content consultant and developer-writer for various corporate sites, including eProNet (a dot com company specializing in high level recruiting) and ePersonic (software developer and b to b site). Special writing assignments for Acacia Research Inc., a public incubator specializing in high tech and Web ventures.

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Smart Toys, Electronic Devices, Convergence Projects:

Writer and/or consultant on projects for Hasbro Toys, Mattel Toys, Playmate Toys, Voice Powered Technology, and FusionWorks. These projects involved integrated interactive toy systems and electronic devices that combine various technologies, including voice recognition, sensors, CD-ROMs and the Web. Am also developing my own convergence projects for broadband and wireless devices.

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Toy Story Animated StoryBook: writer of the interactive CD-ROM version of the hit feature, "Toy Story." (Disney Interactive and Pixar)

Pocahonatas Animated StoryBook: Script consultant for the interactive CD-ROM version of the animated feature, "Pocahontas." (Disney Interactive)

Shelley Duvall Presents Digby's Adventures: created interactive storylines, developed characters and wrote all the dialogue for this animated storybook about an insecure little Yorkie who gets lost -- in three different ways.  (Sanctuary Woods)

Random House Kid's Encyclopedia (CD-ROM): created characters and wrote dialogue for this interactive encyclopedia. (Knowledge Adventure and Random House)

Virtual Biopark: wrote the Cheetah section and worked on the prototype of this interactive program about wildlife and ecology. (A project of the Smithsonian Institution, National Zoo, and Simon & Schuster; produced by AND Communications and the Computer Curriculum Corp. [CCC])

Quest: helped design the approach, structure, characters and content and wrote the prototype script for this interactive career guidance project for high school students (Invincible Enterprises)

Corporate Projects: instructional designer and writer of interactive training CD-ROMs for various companies, including Ford Motors and national supermarket chains (Kroger, Inc., America's largest grocery chain and the Wakefern Corp., which operates ShopRite Supermarkets). Designed navigation, determined content flow, created characters, and wrote dialogue, games, simulations and quizzes.

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Interactive TV:

TV411, a working iTV prototype with a wireless component. This project was an enhanced version of the PBS series “TV411, which addresses adult literacy. The prototype was produced under the American Film Institute’s Digital Content Lab.

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Live Action TV And Film: Writer

Sometimes I Don't Love My Mother: ABC Afterschool Special about a college-bound teenager whose father's sudden death causes her mother to become overly dependent on her. Nominated for an Emmy for Writing. *

Just A Little Discipline: A CBS Schoolbreak Special about what happens when a teenage girl reveals that her father's so-called "discipline" of her younger brother is actually child abuse. *

Mystery At Fire Island: CBS Mystery Theatre (60 minutes) for Scholastic Productions. Two youngsters who are trying to track down a missing fisherman suddenly find themselves in the midst of an international smuggling operation. *

I Don't Know Who I Am: NBC Special Treat for Daniel Wilson Productions. Nominated for an Emmy for Best Children's Special of the Year. A 60 minute drama about an l6-year old girl, adopted at birth, who goes off on a search for her biological parents. *

On The Air: 12 part serial for the Disney Channel about four teenagers who become fed up with the student run radio station at their school and create their own controversial pirate station.

The Greater Glory -- historic drama set in 16th century Europe against a background of jousting tournaments, warfare, and the Inquisition -- the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola (feature rewrite for the Pilgrim Production Co.)

Francie -- true story developed as a Disney Channel movie about a maverick teacher, a modern day miracle worker, who faces powerful obstacles in trying to reach a deeply withdrawn little girl. *

Mary, The Woman -- feature developed with Finnegan-Pinchuk/Morningstar Films telling the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, showing how a young Jewish girl from a small village grapples with events that drastically change her life. *

Special Mission KDX-01: series treatment and sample script for innovative satellite-broadcast project, “The Galaxy Classroom” (Hughes Aircraft).

Master Of The Art: an episode for POWERHOUSE (a PBS series) A group of kids decides to stage a mock heist to help a museum security guard get her job back.

Math Works and Solve It: two educational and entertaining series on math and problem solving for fifth and sixth graders. Wrote three episodes for each. (Produced by the Agency for Instructional Technology [AIT], Bloomington, Indiana.).

Vegetable Soup: Created and wrote 31-part outerspace adventure serial for this PBS series, a program designed to increase children's awareness of ethnic diversity.

Captain Kangaroo: staff writer for 2 years for the original "Captain Kangaroo Show." Wrote 20 episodes of the series.


* Written with Daryl Warner

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Print and Other Text-based Writing

Books And Studies: Author

Digital Storytelling: A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment, second edition, published by Focal Press, due out spring, 2008.

Digital Storytelling: A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment, first edition, published by Focal Press, August, 2004.

Co-author (with Elizabeth Mitchell) of the Writers Guild of America study “What’s Happening on the Web: A Writer’s Perspective of an Emerging Medium”.

Co-author (with Prof. Itsuo Shirono) of four books and accompanying CDs on American life written for students in Japan.

Author, History of Alaska, Land, People, Events, John Hinde Curteich (2002)

Magazines And Newspapers

Former contributor to Videomaker Magazine (covering video on the Web and other topics); write about new media topics for various Writers Guild of America publications. Also write general magazine and newspaper articles for such publications as The Los Angeles Times, Creative Screenwriting, The Santa Fe New Mexican, Early Music America, Horse Illustrated and The Gaited Horse.

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Speaking And Teaching

Information on my work as a speaker and instructor can be found here.



Organizations and Education

MEMBER: Writers Guild of America, west (Vice Chair of the Guild’s newly formed Emerging Technologies Advisory Committee and a member of both the Guild’s Animation Caucus and New Media Caucus, having recently completed a term as vice chair for the New Media Steering Committee. In New Mexico, a member of the Governor’s Council on Film and Media Industries and New Mexico Women in Film.

EDUCATION: B.A., Cornell University; M.S. (Journalism), Northwestern University


Writing, Speaking, Teaching, Consulting

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