Interviews and articles about my work

Here are links to some recent interview of me, plus an article about digital storytelling I wrote for an online magazine.

1. A podcast audio interview of me talking about my work in new media, done for a website called The Fly Pod. The interviewer is quite knowledgeable, so it’s a very meaty discussion. The interview itself is a little difficult to find... you have to scroll down a list of interviews, arranged alphabetically, until you come to one called "New-Media Pioneer: Carolyn Miller" -- that's the one. This link should take you directly to the page that lists the interviews:

If that doesn't work, go to the Flypod home page, enter your five-digit zip code, and then click on the link to the "general audience" interviews. Follow the directions above from that point. (The interview runs about 20 minutes).

2. An article I wrote called “Tales from the Digital Frontier: Breakthroughs in Storytelling,” done for the Writers Store ezine.  The focus is on digital storytelling as a unique and exciting new form of screen-based fiction.

3. An archived TV interview of me, done for “The Stanley Dyrector Show.” Stanley asks me about New Media in general and how I got into the field. Unfortunately, the first few minutes got lopped off when they archived the show, but otherwise, it’s an interesting interview. It runs about 30 minutes. 

4. An interview of me by Cindy Rindaldi for a filmmaker's website. It focuses primarily on the career possibilities of digital storytelling. In appearance, it's very plain vanilla, as this version doesn't have any graphics and the introduction to the article is elsewhere on the website, but the basic material is good.

Sadly, many things I wrote that were once on the Web are no longer available, but I’ll update this list as new articles and interviews are posted.



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